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October 30, 2018

10 Must follow designers on Instagram for your design inspiration

Must Follow Designers on Instagram

Here we list our favorite designers on Instagram for your design inspiration, Follow them and gear up your creative juice. This list is purely based on the designers we like and there is nothing of competition for their respective positions. So, Lets dive in without wasting anytime to check out 10 Must follow designers on Instagram for your design inspiration.

1) Ramotion

Ramotion is a creative design agency, known for presenting their work in creative and clean manner. They have over 16k followers and are one of top designers in our list.

Follow them and get inspired everyday with creative posts and Instagram stories

2) Seblester

One of the designer on our list is Seblester, He is doing calligraphy, Letterforms, Patterns and Ornaments since so long and he has been known for posting everyday, With 1.1m Followers already he is one of the most popular designers on Instagram.

Check Seb’s profile from the link below.

3) Luislili

Next on our list is another Lettering Master – Luislili. He is known for his creative work of Redisigning concepts of Famous Brands such as Mc Donald’s, Google, Youtube, Adobe products, adidas etc. He is perfect designer to follow when it comes to Colorful lettering work.

Check his profile from the link below and get inspired.

4) Mof_Arts

Next on our list is Creative Graphic Designer who loves to redesign the Badges. He became famous during last world cup for posting amazing redesigns of Badges of football associations of world. We admire his work and you can understand that by looking at our Instagram profile. He currently has 15K followers on Instagram but is growing rapidly.

Check Moises’s profile from the link below.

5) Draplin

If you are a logo designer or Branding Person, You must’ve heard the name of Aaron James Draplin. He has been working with various brands over few decades now and has created over thousands of logos. He is a must follow on Instagram to boost your creative juices.

Check DDN profile from the link below.

6) Nickslaterdesign

Nickslater is creative artists with 129k followers on Instagram, His creative and joyful illustrations are pleasing to eye. He creates colorful illustrations which inspire you to create something similar and is a must follow for your creative inspirations.

Check Nick’s profile from the link below.

7) Juxtapozmag

Next on our page is juxtapozmag with more than 1m followers on Instagram. They have been in work since 1994, covering amazing artists and articles on Art and Culture. Their issues provide meaningful inspiration and creative articles always.

Check Juxtapoz Magazine’s profile from the link below.

8) Allanpeters

Next one is Allan Peters, The Chief Creative Officer of Peters Design Co. He is one of the best designer for Branding and logo design. He has created hundreds of modern brands. He is currently at 30.6k Followers on Instagram and is growing constantly.

Check Allan Peters profile from the link below.

9) Dkngstudios

Got interest in Marketing Art? DKNG Studios are amazing at making creative posters and videos for marketing of various products. They have been running their studio since 1984 and currently has above 150k Followers on Instagram. Most of their posts will encourage your to create something amazing instantly.

Check DKNG Studios profile from the link below.

10) Frenchpaperco

If you like to check Print media Designs, You must follow French Paper Co. They are one of the oldest paper mill firms of America. They love to post creative print media on their Instagram Page and are gaining followers everyday.

Check French Paper Co. profile from the link below.

That completes our list of Must follow designers on Instagram. Let us know in comment section, Which one is your favorite.

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